Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My hoo ha is MAGIC!

This morning - I decided Id take advantage of the fact that Torrae doesnt watch much when she does, shes immobile and engrossed for 20 minutes while she watches a show - so I could take a shower...

I turned on Blues clues and she had been drinking some milk in a sippy cup and it was almost gone so I grabbed it and filled it back up before I headed upstairs and she was totally oblivious to me taking it and replacing it between her legs while she sat hypnotized by the noise box...

Im in the shower for about 2 minutes and Torrae comes running up the stairs shouting "MOMMA!! MOMMA!!" and of course I am freaking out and thinking something happened and when she bursts into the bathroom with a huggggggggggge smile on her face and wide eyes and exclaims:

"MOM!! My hoo ha is MAGIC!! My hoo ha made MILK FOR ME!!!"

Shes gonna tell everyone...I just know it!
(she doesnt believe me that I refilled her cup...its DEFINATELY her magical hoo ha of wonder and awe...) Oh my...

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  1. Now that is funny, I hope she realises its her magic mummy before she gets to an age that she goes telling the boys! ;D

    x Alex


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