Saturday, January 31, 2009

I know. She owns me.

My daughter and I are having a battle of wills at night time. She is 2.5 and still gives me a hard time going to bed. Last night it went something like this.

The first time I go in was for a dirty diaper (she is potty training and refuses to poop on the potty, waits for her bedtime diaper so she knows she has to get changed)

The second time she took her jammies off and threw them on the floor. Needed them back on.

The FINAL time was what did me in. I go in to find her laying on her back, one leg up out of her blankets and she says to me….."I need my foot covered up"

I know. She owns me.

Submitted by Cammie at House Of No Sleep.

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  1. hahahaha this is toooooo funny!

  2. This is so funny. Seems like something my daughter would do!


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