Friday, February 20, 2009

I made it!!

My daughter keeps me on my toes...
Her name is Torrae. (sounds like Tore-Ray) She is 3 now. I know I have many more years of entertainment ahead...and I cant wait.
This is probably one of my favorite stories to share - and one I will probably torture her with for ...forever :)

My daughter and I have been spending most of our days doing craft projects, painting pictures, drawing, making sticker pages, and various other artsy things while her brothers are away at school for the day...

She painted a lovely picture and every once in a while she would pause to say "its beautiful mommy, is it beautiful?" or "look!!! I made it!" and of course I would respond with a "Yes! It IS beautiful!" or a "you sure did!! Good job!" and after the paint was dry I tried to put the painting on the fridge only to get a "NO!! Its mine!! I made it!!" and had to chase her around the house to get it from her... but eventually she let me display her creativity on the food box for all to see and made sure to show everyone that walked into the house her beautiful painting...

So she's been making things and creating things and has now started declaring her ownership of said creations once she's finished them.

Well that's fine and all – except one day, while I was making lunch in the kitchen, she was in the living room by herself, drawing a picture...

Or so I thought.

I hear "Look mom!! Its beautiful!" and I of course cant see her at the moment so I shout back "Yes sweetie!! It sure is!!" and I hear a few giggles and a "I made it!!!" and I ask her what she made and I get:

"My poop!"

My heart stopped there for a minute and I slowly walked to the living room to find my daughter – diaperless, sitting on the hardwood floors (thank goodness for hardwood floors), holding a giant "present" in her hands, turning it over and over, and giggling with delight at her "creation"... (mind you it WAS all speckled with orange carrot pieces and some yellow technically it WAS kind of pretty...ahem)

When I said "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" she got up faster than fast, grabbed the dirty diaper in one hand, the turd in the other and ran into her room screaming "NO!!! Its MINE!! I MAAAAAAADE IT!!!"

Needless to say she got a bath, I gagged alot and wished someone had been home to take a picture.

Boy would that have been a picture.

Submitted by Jen at Jen Martin Studios.


  1. Such the little artist:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. OMG...that is so hilarious....and discusting....and Hilarious....did I say that
    I had better be will happen to me....
    Your girl sounds like a character..

  3. This one is priceless, just like her work of art. Thanks for the pick me up!

  4. so funny! kids are just so creative.

  5. Thanks all :) She is quite the character and will most likely be horrified that I shared this story with the world when shes 15. ;) but some things our kids do - just have to be shared (well...unless its poop...then I try to encourage them NOT to share)


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