Sunday, February 22, 2009

You're really old mom.

Conversation with the 11 year old who has an obsession as of late with
wars and the military...

Arryn: Mom who all do you know that served in Desert Storm?

Me: Well Papap did, he went to Kuwait, and Catherine's Dad went to
Germany to help out there.

Arryn: Well who do you know other than them that went over there?

Me: Well that is about it, dad's friend Doug I think may have went.

Arryn: Did any of your friends go?

Me: Well no Arryn.

Arryn: But I thought you had friends who were in the military, didn't
they go over?

Me: Arryn, Desert Storm was in 1990/1991 I was in the 8th grade during
Desert Storm and so were most of my friends who are in the military.

Arryn: Oh, wow you're really old mom.

Um yea that's all I needed to hear into my 32nd year of life.

I am thinking of the line from Deanna Carter's song Strawberry Wine,
which came out around the time I was 19 or so, it goes....

"I still remember, when thirty was old."

I clearly remember thinking at the time, yep I don't want to think
about when I will be 30!!!

Submitted by Becky at My Life As It Should Be.

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  1. Children have a certain confident tone when they say these things:)

    Hugs and Mocha,


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