Monday, February 23, 2009

The kid dropped a load on me.

I have mentioned before that after bath time the G-man enjoys streaking. There is nothing the boy likes better than sprinting up and down the hallway buck naked, squealing in delight and tacking mommy or daddy when he gets to the end of the hallway. I of course have realized that this probably is not the best idea. I was aware of the risks involved in allowing an 18 month old to streak. But he gets such joy out of it that we have allowed him to spend a few minutes streaking in the evening after getting out of the bath. Plus, it really wears him out and he is ready for bed when he is done!

So, last night after his bath, before diapering and jammies he was spending a few minutes running the hallway, letting it all hang out. Andy was in G-man's room and I was at the other end of the hallway, so he made about 10 trips back and forth down the hallway between us. He also decided to drag his giant 6 foot stuffed snake along with him. On occasion it caused him to trip, but he handled it well. He realizes that is one of the risks associated with streaking with a giant snake.

Anyway, it was getting close to bedtime. He was getting ready to make a final streak down the hallway to daddy. He had to step over my leg. All of a sudden, as he was straddling my leg, he got a bit of a puzzled look on his face. Looking back, it may have been a look of concentration. Anyway, it was at that moment that he let loose! THE KID DROPPED A LOAD ON ME!!! Now, when I say load, I am not referring to a small turn, this was a HUGE poop! Like adult size!

I screamed! I didn't mean to, but it was like seeing a bat flying around my house, it scared the poop out of me (not literally, thank God, I already had enough of a mess to clean up). So, I am covered in poop, as is the snake, screaming "He's pooping on me, he's pooping on me!!!". And do you know what Andy did? He laughed! He thought it was the funniest thing ever that I had been soiled! I was not pleased! Poor little G-man seemed to feel bad about dropping a load on me and he started crying. I'm sure my scream didn't help with that.

So, Andy took the G-man to get cleaned up and put on a much needed diaper. I changed my clothes and put the poor snake in the wash. The G-man wanted to give me hugs after the incident. He must have felt bad! So, that is my story!
Moral: just because streaking is fun doesn't mean you should let your kid do it!

Submitted by Abby at Me and My Boys.


  1. I read this on her blog and laughed out loud!

  2. OMG....that is so funny.....- and at this moment..I have decided that all future streaking will probably be done with diaper on...LOL!

  3. haha! Im laughing with you...not at you ;) er...ok that was a lie. heh :)

    You should write this in the baby book. My daughters is nearly full and shes only 3 :S

  4. That is soooo darn funny! I wouldn't have laughed if it were me, but b/c it was you...well. :)

  5. That's hilarious. You can let him streak but you need to stay out of his path.


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